04/12/15 Spring Big Bass Bash

We had a nice turn-out for the Spring Big Bass Bash with 27 anglers competing on this nice Saturday morning. A very special thanks goes out to Sandy Brown/Remax for donating bonus money and food and drinks. Thanks to club members John Dangoia, Tino DiFranco and Rick Tipton for manning the scales. Here are the results:


8:00-9:00am weigh-in slot:

1st Place: Dave Dill - 2.30 lbs

2nd Place Dan Allison- 2.15 lbs


9:00-10:00am weigh in slot:

1st Place: Mike Reigh - 2.62 lbs

2nd Place: Nick Werle - 2.29 lbs


10:00 - 11:00am weigh in slot:

1st Place: Dave Dill - 4.55 lbs

2nd Place: Nick Werle - 2.11 lbs


11:00 - 12:00pm weigh in slot:

1st Place: Mike Hamilton - 6.57 lbs

2nd Place: Ryan Hopping - 3.90 lbs


12:00 - 1:00pm weigh in slot:

1st Place: Jeff Alexander - 3.30 lbs

2nd Place: Dan Allison - 2.35 lbs


Overall Winners for Big Bass

1st Place: Mike Hamilton - 6.57 lbs

2nd Place: Dave Dill- 4.55 lbs

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