04/25/15 Two Day Bass Tourney

Tournament: Saturday/Sunday Tournament 4/25/15 - 4/26/15

First Place: Mike Hamilton, 10 fish, 29.38 lbs.
Second Place: Dustin Hines & Scott McFeteich, 8 fish, 28.03 lbs.
Third Place: Doug McGarry & Dave Dill, 9 fish, 25.51 lbs.

Big Bass: Dustin Hines & Scott McFeteich, 5.33 lbs.

2nd Big Bass: Doug McGarry & Dave Dill, 5.09 lbs.

# of Boats:

Lake: Big Lake

Summary: Mike Hamilton took first place with 10 fish weighing in at 29.38 lbs. Second place was taken by Dustin Hines & Scott McFeteich with 8 fish weighing 28.03 lbs. Third place was taken by Doug McGarry & Dave Dill with 9 fish weighing 25.51 lbs. The first big bass was caught by the team of Dustin Hines & Scott McFeteich and it weighed 5.33 lbs. The second big bass was caught by Doug & Dave Dill and it weighed 5.09 lbs.

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