The Livewell

Livewell September 2017

Big Lake Clean-up:  The Annual Big Lake clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, September 9th from 7:00am - 10:00am.  Volunteers should meet at Windjammer Point shortly before 7:00am to get their assignments.


August Monthly Fish Contest:  We had 4 entries for the month of August and 2 winners!

Tom Harris - 6lb 14oz catfish caught on 8/16, 18lb 10oz catfish caught on 8/21

Grant Presson (Steve Probst's grandson) - 6lb 1oz catfish caught on 8/16, 4lb 12oz Hybrid Striper caught on 8/16.

Winners:  Tom Harris for the 18lb 10oz Catfish and Grant Presson for the 4lb 12oz Hybrid Striper.  Congratulations Tom and Grant!


Upcoming events:  
9/7/17   - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point, 5:30pm-dusk
9/9/17   - Lake Cleanup Day, Windjammer Point, 7:00am-10:00am
9/13/17 - Monthly Club Meeting, C.A. Clubhouse, 7:00pm-8:00pm
9/14/17 - Thursday Night Derby, Brittany Park, 5:30pm-dusk
9/16/17 - Annual Bass Classic Tournament, Windjammer Point, 6:00am-noon
9/16/17 - Annual Club Fish Fry, Windjammer Point, noon-2:00pm
9/21/17 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point, 5:30pm-dusk


Tournament Results

Tournament: Thursday Night Derby 8/3/17

First Place: Scott Griefzu & Kemp Elliott, 6 fish, 14.50 lbs.

Second Place: Dale McCrackin & Blake Graves, 6 fish, 11.14 lbs.

Third Place: Doug McGarry & Dave Dill, 6 fish, 10.95 lbs.

1st Big Bass: Scott Griefzu & Kemp Elliott, 4.14 lbs.

2nd Big Bass: Steve Carapella & Chad Wagner, 3.43 lbs.

# of Boats: 10

Lake: Small Lake


Tournament: Buddy Bass Tournament 8/5/17

First Place: Ryan Hopping & Steve Carapella, 5 fish, 15.57 lbs.

Second Place: Doug McGarry & Dave Dill, 5 fish, 15.20 lbs.

Third Place: Nick & Wayne Werle, 2 fish, 10.01 lbs.

1st Big Bass: Nick & Wayne Werle, 5.68 lbs.

2nd Big Bass: Eric Von Allman & Matt Levy, 3.89 lbs.

# of Boats: 14

Lake: Big Lake


Tournament: Thursday Night Derby 8/10/17

First Place: Ryan & Scott Hopping, 4 fish, 10.00 lbs.

Second Place: Mike Hamilton, 3 fish, 7.61 lbs.

Third Place: John Shanahan & Vinh Truong, 3 fish, 6.96 lbs.

1st Big Bass: Scott Griefzu & Kemp Elliott, 3.61 lbs.

2nd Big Bass: Bud Paige & Brian Penrose, 3.54 lbs.

# of Boats: 14

Lake: Big Lake




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