The Livewell

Livewell May 2018

Fishing and Boating Friendly Reminders

- Slow down in no-wake zones.

- Navigation lights must be turned on after official sunset.

- On the big lake, after sunset, the speed limit is 10 mph.

- On the small lake, if you have higher than a 9.9/10 HP motor, it must be trimmed up with the prop showing out of the water.  Big motor can be used for loading and     unloading boat from trailer.

- If you are not fishing in a club sanctioned tournament, you cannot keep bass in your livewell.  Catch, take a picture, and release.


April Monthly Fish Contest Winner:  David Austin submitted an entry for a largemouth bass caught on 4/19 weighing 6lbs 2oz!  Congratulations Dave!


Boaters Safety Course:  If you are a resident of the LSLCA and have a class 5, 6, 7, or 8 boat, you must take a boater safety course by the end of 2018. The course is free and takes approximately 45 minutes.  You must call the Water Patrol office and sign up for this course.


Club Dues Time Again: Annual Anglers Club dues are $20 per individual angler or $20 per family including spouse and children 18 or younger at the end of 2017.  Club members who choose to receive the Livewell by mail will continue to pay $25.  Please mail checks to club Treasurer Mike Olsen at 23 Savoy Drive, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 or bring your payment to the Ice Breaker Party on April 11th.

***Class 7 boaters - Remember that you cannot register your boat with the CA until you have paid your club dues.
***Tournament Anglers - You cannot fish in a tournament unless you have paid your club dues.


Upcoming events:   
May 5   - Buddy Bass Tournament, Windjammer Point: 6:00am - noon
May 9   - Monthly Club Meeting, C.A. Clubhouse: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
May 10 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point: 5:30pm - dusk
May 12 - 2017 AOY Qualifier (invite only), Windjammer Point: 6:00am - 1:00pm
May 17 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point: 5:30pm - dusk
May 19 - 2 Day Buddy Bass Tournament - Day 1, Main Marina: 6:00am - noon
May 20 - 2 Day Buddy Bass Tournament - Day 2, Main Marina: 6:00am - noon
May 24 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point: 5:30pm - dusk
May 31 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point: 5:30pm - dusk


Tournament Results

Tournament: Buddy Bass Tournament 4/14/18

First Place: Paul Wiegand, 3 fish, 6.97 lbs.

Big Bass: Paul Wiegand, 3.38 lbs.

# of Boats: 3

Lake: Small Lake


Tournament: Thursday Night Tournament 4/26/18

First Place: Paul Wiegand, 1 fish, 6.74 lbs.

2nd Place:  Kevin Woods, 1 fish, 4.27 lbs

3rd Place:  Doug McGarry and Dave Dill, 1 fish, 3.01 lbs

Big Bass: Paul Wiegand, 6.74 lbs.

# of Boats: 12

Lake: Big Lake


Tournament: Buddy Bass Tournament 4/28/18

First Place: Mike and Dale McCrackin, 5 fish, 14.72 lbs.

2nd Place:  Paul Wiegand and Mike Reigh, 5 fish, 11.29 lbs

Big Bass: Mike and Dale McCrackin, 4.10 lbs.

# of Boats: 7

Lake: Big Lake

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