03/28/09 Saturday Tournament

Tournament: Saturday Tournament 3/28/09


First Place: Ryan Hopping, 5 Fish, 15.37 lbs.

Second Place: Alexander & Allison, 5 Fish, 14.98 lbs.

Third Place: McCrackin & McCrackin, 5 Fish, 14.57 lbs.

Big Bass: Ryan Hopping, 5.96 lbs.


# of Boats: 7

Lake: Big Lake


Summary: The Lake St. Louis Anglers are off and running again this year with an exciting tournament schedule ahead. The Tournaments kicked off Saturday, March 28th. It looked good on the schedule but when the 10:00 a.m. takeoff began it was a brutal day (weather wise) on the water. The anglers fought through a cold rain all day to find some fish. You might think it was difficult to find fish when the outside temperatures were in the low 40’s and raining but that wasn’t the case. The water temperature had dropped into the low 50’s for most of the lake. 7 boats came out to fish the tournament and 3 of those boats caught a limit of 5 fish. Taking the top spot was Ryan Hopping with 5 fish weighing in at 15.37 lbs. He also had Big Bass that weighed 5.96 lbs. In 2nd Place was the Team of Alexander & Allison with a total weight of 14.98 lbs. Team McCrackin finished 3rd with a weight of 14.57 lbs. Every boat caught some nice fish with a total of 25 keeper bass being weighed in by the 7 boats. Our next Tournament is April 11th from 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.. If the weather cooperates it should be another great day on the water. FISH ON

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