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Club News

Welcome Fellow Anglers! 

Club Election:  At the April Meeting / Ice Breaker Party, we as a club voted in new club officers.  Your new 2021 club management is as follows:

President: Ken Moeller
Vice President: Angie Hopping
Treasurer: Lee Renner
Secretary: Kerry Wallace

Lets give a big round of applause to these great folks for stepping up and committing their valuable time and energy to this great club!

Final determination of the tournament committee members is still underway and will be finalized by the next club meeting.

2021 Anglers Club Scholarship Award:  The Anglers Club has awarded club member Kyle Hopping with the 2021 Anglers Club Scholarship Award.  Kyle has been a long-time member and volunteer with the club.  He has had a successful high school fishing career at Timberland High School and intends to continue his education and fishing career at McKendree University.  Congratulations Kyle!

Tournament Rules: The 2021 tournament season is upon us! Please review the 2021 tournament rules and regulations and become familiar with them before fishing your first tournament. You can review or download a copy here: 2021 Tournament Rules

E-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official Club Facebook Group: LSL Anglers Club

Upcoming Events:

May 12 - Monthly Club Meeting, C.A. Clubhouse, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
May 13 - Thursday Night Derby, Brittany Park, 5:30pm - Dusk
May 15 - 2 Day Buddy Bass Tournament - Day 1, Windjammer Point, 6:00am - Noon
May 16 - 2 Day Buddy Bass Tournament - Day 2, Windjammer Point, 6:00am - Noon
May 20 - Thursday Night Derby, Brittany Park, 5:30pm - Dusk
May 22 - Food Drive, Windjammer Point, 8:00am - Noon
May 23 - Food Drive Bass Tournament, Windjammer Point, 6:00am - Noon
May 27 - Thursday Night Derby, Windjammer Point, 5:30pm - Dusk
May 29 - Spring Big Bass Bash, Windjammer Point, 6:00am - Noon


We are proud of our Anglers Club sponsors:

More to come soon!


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