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Early in 1971 there were a few residents who started a fishing club. They had fishing contests and together with the CA they saw that fish were stocked from time to time. In 1981 the Lake Saint Louis Anglers was formed by a few members that wanted to continue what the earlier group had started. Early on the membership was small with only 10-15 members and not a lot of participation. Then it was opened up to include the whole family. For only $10.00 you could get a family membership and the entire family could participate in all the activities if they desired to do so. We began to have a few social events and activities that included all the family members. We added a variety of events to get more members involved. The Club has grown and membership runs from 85 to 100 families.


The goal of Lake St Louis Anglers is to establish and maintain good conservation for our lakes. To provide good fishing conditions through creating habitat and restocking the lakes when needed. We have the Conservation Dept. shock our lakes from time to time to establish what the needs might be. We provide the C.A. with fish to be used in testing. All people who fish are urged to return to the lakes all Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass and Flathead Catfish. This will provide good fishing for those species. The Flatheads are great for reducing the Shad population as are the Hybrid Striped Bass. The Large Mouth Bass are the sporty fish that gives a person lots of fun to catch so we ask that the above species be returned to the lake for another day of fun. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the C.A. Club House


Water quality issues continue to be on the Anglers agenda for 2024. As our population increases so does development of the land. Land development can lead to soil erosion and siltation, which fills in our lakes, muddy's the water and makes for a very poor fish spawn. Our watershed is vast extending into other counties. These counties do not have soil erosion guide lines like Lake Saint Louis. The Anglers continue to encourage our local officials to become more zealous in controlling run off and working with other local governments to stop erosion. We need their help. We would like to hear from you! See your monthly newsletter "The Livewell" for more details.

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